Friday, June 16, 2006

Baby names, pt. 2

Finally some time to do a followup to my previous post on baby names of 2005 listed at the Social Security site. First let me point out that Ms. Goat has informed me that naming a child 'baby' is done when the baby isn't properly named, like 'unknown' (which makes me wonder why an unnamed child would get a social security card). Anyway, on to the top 1000 girls names:

- biggest surprise for me in the top 10 is Ava at #9. I can only think that some underground resugence of popularity of Ava Gardner has taken me by surprise

- over 5000 parents want their daughters to be named after a character in The Matrix?

- the female version of Aiden/Aidan is apparently Kaitlyn/Katelyn/Caitlyn/Katelynn/Kaitlin/Kaitlynn/Katelin, which is in the top 20 when you combine those spellings' totals

- or maybe it's Brianna/Breanna/Briana/Breana, which is in the top 10 when you combine their totals

- I'm a little bothered when Kaylee is #41 and Kayleigh is #266. It's a nice name whose rise in popularity seems to be due to the great song of the same name. At least the Brits know how to spell it... crap, Kailey is #251!

- given these weird spellings I'm glad to see no variants of Jocelyn at #87 (like Josslin, Jawzln, or worse). Correction, Joselyn is #409

- why don't 2000 hosers know that Mckenzie is a last name?

- 'Calm down, Serenity!' (#170)

- 1302 little girls are just like Heaven

- 825 girls named Lola are going to pray that The Kinks don't get popular again

- 'plain Jane' no more: it's #466

- I hope the 637 girls named Miracle get to see History of the World, part I

- at #738, Princess; I'm only OK with it if her dad was named Rex

- "Why so sentimental, Journey (#773)? Don't stop belivin'!"

- I love that 260 girls were named Unique (#937)


Anonymous mh said...

My name is at 40, meaning it's dropping back to the level of popularity it had at my birth (54); that's good, because there was a moment where there were too many. However, don't really mind that the 'h' alternative is at 267 - stupid extraneous letters.

I am *shocked* that 'Brian' is at 63 - there's a sudden shortage! It doesn't surprise me in the least that is was at 8 in 1977 - I know only about 50. Also not surprised that 'David' (now 14) was 4 in 1977 - I used to sing "These are the Daves I know" in college, because every guy I met was named Dave.

And, wtf with Jacob? I was going to be Jacob had I been a boy, after my great-grandfather (and nickname for my grandfather, whose name was Loren, which hasn't broken the top 200 in the past century, and hasn't been in the top 1000 since 1998). It was at 53 in 1977 - now #1? Any theories on why that?

6:59 AM  
Blogger sporking said...

Tutti! Tutti! Tutti!

8:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm guessing Jacob's return to popularity is the whole Bibical name thing. the top 4 boys' names are Bibical and not too archaic, like Methusala. - fp

1:03 PM  

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