Friday, May 12, 2006

Baby names, pt. 1

Today the Social Security Administration posted their list of the most frequent baby names of 2005 (based on applications, obviously). With a little goat in the oven, of course it was of interest to us. Ms. Goat is repeatedly annoyed at the growing popularity of 'Madison' and points out that it was a joke that the female lead in Splash chose that name. That bit of comedy seems to be lost in time now.

Today I spent a while entertaining myself while looking thru the Top 1000 boys names, here are some of my thoughts:

- Logan at #26: was that a first name before Wolverine became known to mainstream America?

- Aiden/Aidan is almost in the top 10 if not for those 2 different spellings. I've never met anyone with that name and it sounds weird to me, like it's an alien planet. Or an Arabian gulf

- Lots of the names look like last names: Caden, Carson, Riley, Jaxon (#229)

- Coming in at #408 is 'Micheal', chosen by 675 poorly educated parents. But, no, maybe they like that spelling, like the 335 parents who chose the spelling 'Kamron'

- ugh, #498 is Rohan

- 438 Mothers are happy to have their sons named Kobe

- 318 parents hope that Sincere lives up to his name

- 304 have only watched X-Men, not read the comic. Hopefully little Xzavier will not make the same mistake (look it up yourself)

- 179 boys were named 'Baby'?????

I'll look at girls' names later...

Update: Part 2


Anonymous mh said...

C's nephew is named Logan - partly for his brother-in-law's Irish background....but he was also named after Wolverine. (While he was born post-movie, C's b-in-l was into the comic.)

6:50 AM  

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