Thursday, June 08, 2006


I'm not a fan of rollercoasters. I've been on them, but prefer not to ride them. This annoys Ms. Goat as she grew up not far from one of the world's premier rollercoaster parks. I attribute my dislike to two things:

1) when I'm going around hairpin turns at 60+ mph, I prefer to be driving

2) when I was young I saw a movie called Rollercoaster that featured lots of sabotaged coasters flying off the tracks with fatal results

It amuses me, then, when I see rollercoasters used as a metaphor for something that is leading to doom, such as skyrocketing mortgage payments.


Blogger Tam said...

Come on Now- I can handle Most rollarcoasters. We just took a trip to Cedar Point with the Sweet 16 rollarcoasters. My brother talked my mom and myself into going on the scariest thing ever - Dragthrill racer. OH MY GOD. Don't think I'll go on that again....

6:04 AM  

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