Thursday, March 23, 2006

Poop power!

Via Terrapass, news on program that will turn feces into fuel. Another alternative fuel I've read about recently is this program that turns coal into gasoline, which has the caveat that it would make Montana an economic power, rather than just a big space for goats to run around.

And along the lines of Terrapass is Carbonfund, which is similar to TerraPass, but tries to cover more behavior than just car-driving. I think the success of this program and Terrapass will show just how much people are willing to put money down rather than change their behavior.


Anonymous coco said...

I believe most of the people who participate in a program like or similars are quite concern about the climatic problems. And I definitely believe in the god intentions of these greeny guys. However, I think this measures are not really efective far away than some guiltpainkillers. Effective decissions must be taken if we want to, at least, limitate rainbow effect.
More about what I think in

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