Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Leonardo --> Smart

There's a new trailer for The Da Vinci Code out today. The movie didn't interest me too much; the book was one of those that totally thrilled my mom and made her try to get me to read it. When she does that (like I recall her doing with The Firm) I tend to resist and the stupid usage of "Da Vinci" instead of "Leonardo" in the title has also kept me away. But the trailer shows a car chase involving a Smart Car, a great little car we drove during our visit to Germany at the beginning of 2002. It was interesting to see my experience come to the screen in Just Married a year later; I was eager to get out on the autobahn and let loose only to find that the rental car agency gave us a Smart Car.

For a Smart Car commercial in the form of a website, see the Smart USA site. Interesting to see over the past few years the car's slow entry into the US market, as there've been a few articles about it in American publications (such as when it came to Canada a couple of years ago). It was even at the MOMA! And now wikipedia says it may be in the US later this year; good news!


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