Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My cup runneth over

This morning I was looking up some of the downloads that are featured in the Calendar (arts & entertainment) section of the L.A. Times. Of course some of the links (which are stupidly printed in full form) didn't work, so I did a little searching online for the music in question. My search takes me to The Hype Machine, an audio blog aggregator compiling free music files on the web. This is just the kind of page I've been looking for, too... this morning I went digging and found some files by The Howling Bells, a band I've heard a few times on Indie 103.1. I was also happy to see that Bob and Doug McKenzie were among the top 50 on Hype Machine (and if you don't like them, take off, you hoser!). I may just make Free Music a regular event here.


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