Thursday, March 30, 2006

My State Senator

Speaking of State Senators, I got an email from my state senator (George Runner) this week. It was in response to an electronic form letter I'd sent to him supporting the raising of CA's minimum wage. His response:

I oppose a mandatory increase in the minimum wage with indexing, as I
believe government has no place dictating how private business owners
compensate their employees. An employer's voluntary decision to offer
employment at a given wage, and a worker's voluntary decision to accept
the terms of that offer, is a free market transaction that, by
definition, benefits all parties involved.

Like any government mandate or regulation that increases the cost of
doing business, minimum wage policies have been shown to reduce
employment, especially among teenagers and students. Recent studies
also suggest that higher minimum wages increase high school dropout
rates, as teens are lured by seemingly "high" wages.

Consumers are also hurt by minimum wage increases, as businesses raise
prices in an attempt to recoup higher labor costs. If this bill is
passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor, don't be
surprised if you end up paying an extra $.30 for a Big Mac.

Somebody doesn't want my vote come next election...


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