Thursday, March 30, 2006

Immigration reform

This week some kids were putting together a petition against the immigration reform that the House passed in December and sparked so many protests last weekend. The kids needed a short civics lesson as they were initially asking me how to find the address of "our state senator"; after some questioning, I learned they wanted not the rep in the California State Senate but the US Senators from California. I considered telling them there's no way in hell that Feinstein and Boxer would vote to pass that "reform" but figured they could use some practice at petitioning.

This week, as I was surfing thru conservative talk radio I did hear the expected "the brown people are revolting" complaints (with both meanings of "revolting"). Apparently it's not just the commentators, but most of the media that has covered the protest stupidly and others point out that waving foreign flags doesn't mean you're rooting for a takeover.


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