Tuesday, November 15, 2005

ID cards

This year the students all have to wear ID cards that have their pictures on them when they're on campus. Today a girl came in with her mother in tow. I had to get the girl's ID# to fill out some paperwork so I asked to see her ID card....

"Oh, do I got to?"

"Yeah, I'm required to check it."


She shows me her card and I notice that the picture of her face is covered up by a sticker of a (cartoon) monkey's head. Such alterations aren't uncommon, but mostly I've seen students cover their mug-shots with better pictures of themselves. What surprised me more was what her mother then said:

"It looks JUST LIKE HER."

girl: "No it don't, I'm beautiful!"

mother: "It looks just like you!"

me: "It doesn't look like you."

girl (to me): "Thank you!"

mother (breaking into laughter): "No, it looks just like her!"

(and yes, the student and her mother are African American)



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