Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A shocking discovery

A student checked out today and left me his textbooks. While filing them away, I thumbed thru the pages briefly to make sure that all pages appeared to be there, there weren't any pages made illegible by scribbling, or that nothing was left in the book. What do I find but an ad for the Playboy Cyber Club! It's not a magazine ad but appears to have been printed by a computer printer but obviously wasn't done on campus as that site is blocked (trust me, I tried). Still, it features images of playmates Teri Harrison and Carmella DeCesare in states of undress. I wonder if the student wanted it for the pictures or for the names; a Google search of their names can produce pictures of naughty quality (I especially like how there's Polish text at the bottom of that page -- I know a Goat that could translate that!). Probably not, students only do searches for celebrities, from what I've noticed...

All in a day's work, testing the computers to see if they can keep childrens' minds safe.



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