Friday, December 07, 2007

Goodbye, Civic

I had to get rid of my 1995 Honda Civic this week. I've owned it since 1997 when it replaced the aging Hyundai Excel that got me thru high school and beyond. I'm sorry to see it go, I drove it across the US to NJ back in 1998 and then back again (thru Canada) in 2004 and it had served me very well until it got punched in the face a few weeks ago. I drove it in snowstorms, through badlands, during a hurricane, to and from many a bass gig or lesson, and during desert summers with no a/c. Only put 100k miles on it, thanks to my time as a bus-using grad student.

Amongst the things I found inside my glove compartment during the final clean-out:
- a menu from the one of the best Thai restaurant I've eaten at, 'Thailand' (291 Central Ave, Clark NJ). It looks like a diner but is spicy rather than greasy inside. A good place to stop while heading to Trader Joe's.
- an unfinished roll of Garden State Parkway tokens
- Top 10 Bollywood Movies article from Salon, something we kept handy for visiting our local Indian video store on Route 130.



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