Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I was very excited to get another in a series of irregularly mailed envelopes from a Mr. John Marr (no, not Johnny Marr) recently. For many years he's written an excellent zine called Murder Can Be Fun, filled with well written real-life stories of death, murder and some fine book reviews. Alas, this envelope included a note that the latest issue, revisiting and updating the famous Death at Disneyland article, would be the last. In reading the latest issue I was struck at what a good writer Mr. Marr is, which makes me glad to have so many of the back issues. Anybody could write about Zoo Deaths (issue 16) or deaths at sporting events (issue 18) or the Great Boston Molasses Flood (issue 11) and have lots of fun with the morbid possibilities but Marr did it in such a friendly way that it doesn't sound ghoulish, just slightly (but not inappropriately) amused.



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