Friday, March 09, 2007

Please boycott the RIAA

I'm late to this party but I nonetheless urge you to boycott the Recording Industry Association of America members this month. Gizmodo provides an excellent rundown of reasons why and if you want more detailed news on what the RIAA does, check out the Recording Industry vs. the People blog. While I'm attempting to inspire you to shut down the RIAA, you may want to read The Problem With Music by Steve Albini or Courtney Love's speech about the real piracy in music.

In some of the discussion over recent Digital Rights Management legislation (which Gizmodo says its boycott deserves credit for), I saw this comment, which made me worry about my precious collection of digital media. I hope BabyGoat stays good...

These DRM rules really piss me off and I intend to go on violating
them. I have two small children who are experts at inserting DVDs/CDs
into things not designed to play them, quickly causing scratches that
either degrade or prevent play completely. In addition, both of those
also get taken in the car for entertainment, greatly increasing the
chance that they can get damaged. Whenever I purchase something (and
we purchase lots of somethings that come on 5" laser read media) that
is going to possibly be damaged I make a copy and use the copy. I do
not own a single user made CD or DVD for which I did not purchase the
original version (though I do have "mix" CDs made of purchased music)
but I am not going to again pay for another new copy of a movie I had
already purchased because my 3 year old used her Crayola marker to
write on a DVD.

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