Sunday, February 18, 2007


In a recent post, Yodelling Llama asks whether it is 'creepy or cool' that his talk about a 'bean-eating monkey' has given him a high rating on a Google search of that phrase. It's neither creepy nor cool, however, as it's just pathetic. He's only talking about it to make his the first site to come up after a search for 'bean eating monkey' (which, as of this writing, he is). He's a smart guy (well, not always), it's a shame he has to repeatedly drop phrases like 'bean eating monkey' to raise his web profile and make himself feel better. And he could at least give a direct link to a story about the truth behind the 'bean-eating monkey'. Is this what the blogosphere's really all about? Repeatedly dropping phrases like 'bean-eating monkey' to raise one's profile and self-esteem?



Blogger Chris said...

That was hardly the goal. I just thought the phrase was amusing.

10:57 AM  

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