Saturday, October 07, 2006


When I was a youth in the early 80s, one of my favorite movies was one called Megaforce; I think I even had a Megaforce poster in my bedroom. Before the 80s were over I realized what a piece of crap the film was; it's been almost 20 years and I can still remember the lame stereotyped characters, the bad jokes (some of which I still quote, for some reason), the shoddy special effects and I can hear the theme song in my head as I type this. If you don't know of this masterpiece, read a good synopsis accompanied with pictures. You can also see a video clip; it warms my heart to see how many others on the web have 1) found this worthy of derision and 2) preserved it for enjoyment today.

I am thrilled to find it, which I did by just following some links around (yet again). I read Y.Llama's post the mentions Ween's 12 Golden Country Greats and decided to see if there was any legal action taken with Ween ripping of the melody to Chariots of Fire on one song. Sure enough, I find an interview of Ween with Trey Parker and Matt Stone where they say that Vangelis owns the song now. But the page starts off w/ Trey and Matt talking about how they'd like to make a sequel to Megaforce.

I actually can't believe that I didn't think of Megaforce when I saw Team America, it borrows a lot of the plot and characterizations. Or when Frink had the flying motorcycle in The Simpsons episode Lemon of Troy, which I recently enjoyed.

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