Saturday, September 30, 2006

New Bond updates

The Chris Cornell song for the new Bond movie (which I discussed earlier) reached the web recently and I have to say I like it. However, it may not appeal to most folks as it's not in the traditional Bond-song style although it does include some of those elements.

I also went looking around for more info and was pleasently surprised to see that Kimberly Last's Bond site has finally been updated. For many years it was the best of the Bond sites but it seemed recently she'd been upset at Pierce, obviously her favorite Bond, being ousted and wasn't going to keep updating. But now she has a nice Casino Royale page up although she still has the Gollum pic on the Daniel Craig page.

Following some links from that site I found a hilarious future-retrospective on Craig's career as Bond. I especially like the future-casting of Rupert Grint as a villain.

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