Saturday, September 30, 2006

Birth video & Monty Python

We went to the hospital after Ms. Goat's water broke and, as they had told us during the maternity ward tour, the first thing we had to do was fill out paperwork. This was very weird considering that part of the maternity ward tour was a chance to do something they called 'pre-register'. Having to fill out paperwork on arrival, while the mother is in labor, makes one think that their pre-registration is a chance for them to have a laugh at us.

Overall, the experience was good but only because Ms. Goat was a very brave, strong and well-behaved patient and didn't demand all she could have from the staff. It certainly wasn't a horrible and cold affair but there was a point during active labor when an admin came in to get a signature from Ms. Goat, presumably between her contractions. It made me think of the Python sketch where the bleeding patient has to fill out paperwork (which was cowritten by Douglas Adams). Thankfully, they were able to come back for the signature.

While hunting for the sketch clip, I noticed that You Tube has huge amount of Monty Python material. And not just sketches, either, but other stuff like this interview with Graham Chapman and Terry Gilliam on Late Night with David Letterman from 1982.

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Blogger Chris said...

The BBC started rereleasing portions of its archived material to the Internet under something akin to a attribution, noncommercial, share-alike license. It started with news and nature programming. But perhaps the flood of Python-related video on YouTube is the latest development in the BBC's Creative Archive's growth.

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