Thursday, April 20, 2006

mp3 blogs

Last week, as a birthday gift, a means to save money and in preparation for a concert we're going to in July, I got Ms. Goat the latest Flaming Lips album for free off the web. But it wasn't thru a file-sharing service; it was from blog posts that people had made. I was able to get almost the whole album with the help of The Hype Machine but needed a specialist to get one track that was no longer available thru a dirty unethical Russian mp3 site that I only condone when I really need to.

While searching around online, I did hunt some for other recent releases I was interested in hearing, such as the new Rob Zombie or Audioslave but found them mostly unavailable. The latest from the New Pornographers was half-available, which pleased me. I'm hoping the new Red Hot Chili Peppers (coming next month) will be online in a significant way but I have doubts that the new Tool will. Most of the music available at mp3 blogs brings to mind KCRW or Indie 103.1, the cutting-edge alt-rock that isn't too heavy. The music of computer users, one could say.


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