Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Do you believe me?

Publicity for the United 93 movie has been getting in motion. Associated with it is interviews with victims' relatives (who've screened the movie), one of which I heard on the radio last week. I was very interested in hearing it because I was sure it would contradict one of the more unbelieveable parts of the 9/11 conspiracy documentary Loose Change (which I mentioned earlier): the nature of the cell phone calls from plane passengers to family members. Amazingly enough, the lady being interviewed on the radio actually reinforced the story: she got a phone call early in the morning and the voice on the phone said, "Hi Mom, it's your son, John Smith" and later went on to ask several times, "Do you believe me? Do you believe me?" while maintaining a calm tone of voice. The lady even said she heard a quiet voice in the background that seemed to be coaching the speaker on the phone.

The whole thing is creepy. I can sort of understand the calmness of the speaker's voice as meaning they've accepted that they were already dead, although some may say that runs counter to the spirit they'd have to be in for an uprising like the one we're told happened on United 93. But why would you identify yourself to your own mother using your last name? Why would you keep asking if they believe you? If you've accepted your death as soon and inevitable, you've accepted that your body will be found so why would it matter if they believe you at that moment?


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