Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Test your aesthetic sense

I scored 60% on this Mozart or Salieri? quiz, which just goes to show how good some of Salieri's music was. The other quizzes at the site are similar; take the famous or unknown artist, the answers are amusing. Artist or Ape should be very easy...


Anonymous mh said...

I got 75% on the famous-or-unknown quiz. I was thrown because I thought the Pissaro was someone trying to paint like Pissaro, one of the Eisenhower paintings looked like something I'd seen in the early Victorian period (probably just because it made me think of "The Mill on the Floss"), and, well, I just really liked the last Churchill one. I was happy that I managed to identify 2 of the famous artists, too (I saw the pre-Tahiti Gauguin at the Smithsonian when I was 11, and Matisse is pretty recognizable).

But, holy crap, on top of everything else, Hitler was a *terrible* painter. His style looks like he should have been painting unicorns for dorm posters.

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