Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Chris Blackwell: The Missing Link

I like finding connections between different, seemingly unrelated parts of my life. Like when one of my favorite singers does an album with a basis in mathematics, something that's always been friendly to me.

In my consumption of the James Bond Ultimate Edition DVDs, I've enjoyed watching the supplementary material on Ian Fleming. It turns out that Fleming, the creator of my childhood hero, had a longtime mistress named Blanche Lindo. Blanche Lindo was the mother (not via Fleming) of one Chris Blackwell, who grew up to be a successful record producer and also scouted locations for the first Bond film, Dr. No. In the early 90s, he provided the financial backing to start a label called Axiom with a producer named Bill Laswell. The label's output, especially, Praxis' first album, was some of my favorite music of the early 90s and I'm still a huge fan of Laswell's work. Cool to see a connection between my obsessions of the 80s and the 90s.

And lately when I drive thru my town, I see a new optomotrist's office called Golden Eye.

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