Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The James Bond Ultimate Edition DVDs

In early February of 1982 I went to a friend's slumber/birthday party and we watched some movies. One of them was Moonraker, which had been recently released on video, and my mind was blown. The next week I had rented Goldfinger and For Your Eyes Only from the video store up the street and I was seriously hooked. The next year I saw Octopussy in the cinema and began my collection of books about the Bond movies, making it one of my first areas of expertise.

My VHS tapes of ABC's broadcasts of the 007 films have been watched over and over to the point I know these films in great detail. When they originally came out on DVD about 10 years ago, I got each movie and eventually upgraded to the 2-disk Ultimate Editions that came out in 2007. I'm finally getting around to watching these editions and will be posting my thoughts on all 20 of the films in the Ultimate Edition sets, so they won't be in chronological order.



Anonymous YLlama said...

Seriously? Bond movies? "You guys watch Joe Don Baker movies?"

9:20 AM  
Blogger Felix Pardalis said...

he's only been in 3 out of 24 films and only supporting roles

5:59 AM  

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