Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Obama's future

I was sorry to hear that some fool made a remark about killing Obama should he be elected president and a little bit disturbed to find that such a topic was a popular search term and even predicted by a major cultural figure. What bothers me the most is that in the past several months I've heard 3 different African American students on 3 different occasions say that they expect Obama to not survive his first term. These students should be proud that someone is coming so close to such an office but instead they are expecting his doom. Such is the legacy of slavery, at least according to one historian.


Sunday, August 03, 2008

Tiny Liberia airport

We flew in to Costa Rica at the Daniel Oduber International Airport,just outside of Liberia. We could quickly tell that it was a tiny airport and later figured that it's probably the smallest international airport either of us have used. Not only did we have to disembark with the staircase and walk across the tarmac but the 'terminal' itself is obviously just a converted hanger with a (literally) Big Ass Fan as climate control. It easily beats out our other small airports we've used such as Toledo, OH (international for cargo) and the very quaint Derry, Ireland. It'll be interesting to see how this airport grows, given the great amount of development all over Costa Rica.