Monday, June 23, 2008

TV for kids

I was very amused to see an item about how old Sesame Street episodes aren't intended for viewing by today's youth. In recent viewings of The Electric Company with Babygoat, there was one moment in the sequence of 'changing the word by interchanging letters' where they made the word 'rum', something I felt would not have passed muster these days. There have also been some hints of violence (explosion sound effects) that I can't believe would make it to the kiddy screen these days. I've seen nothing, however, as out there as what I was reminded of when we watched The Muppet Movie: the character of Crazy Harry.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Experiments in TV viewing

Whilst flying to the great northwest I perused the in-flight magazine of Southwest Airlines and enjoyed an article relating the experience of watching Nickelodeon's two networks for 24 hours. And just a couple of weeks ago Ms Goat uncovered some old Rolling Stone magazines I'd saved from many years ago. One of them was the April 29th, 1993 issue that included a great read from Hugh Gallagher called 'An Experiment in Terror: 7 Days and Seven Nights Alone with MTV'. The money quote from the article is one I memorized the first time I read it: 'MTV exists to remind me how much I'm not getting laid.' Apparently I'm not the only one who enjoyed it fondly.


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Northwest goats

We visited the American Northwest for a llama's nuptuials and took the oportunity to spend a day in Seattle. We went to the Northwest Folklife Festival and had a good deal of good food while hearing lots of good music, such as the Hail Seizures (and I probably saw more washtub basses that weekend than in my entire life up to that point). We also picked up some nice chevre at Pike Place Market and later in Olympia we were excited to see Dancing Goats coffee.

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