Thursday, June 28, 2007

Baby Fang

Babygoat has been getting teeth lately, but so far only on the top row (usually bottom row is first); obviously she's been watching the bunnies too closely. I was hoping that YouTube would have a clip of Monty Python's Martin Curry sketch where Graham Chapman has two huge front teeth so I could illustrate to you my darkest fears about Babygoat's future appearance. Alas, it is not among their clips from that episode. And I couldn't even find any pix of Chapman with the huge teeth but you can read the script.

On the bright side, while searching about for these images I did learn that the music played during the Stop the Film segment of the Blackmail sketch is 'Swing-a-Day' by Johnny Hawksworth. This song has been seriously stuck in my head for the past few years. At least that clip's available; and I even came across a great one combining Python with Star Wars.



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