Monday, August 07, 2006

Recent TV viewing

Lately we've been shuffling thru a few things for our sparse TV viewing:

1) Season six of The Simpsons - one of my favorite seasons as it includes the Stonecutters episode and Itchy and Scratchy Land. Bring back Disgruntled Goat!

2) Kids in the Hall season 4 is better than the preceding seasons, if only because of the obviously better production values. It's a shame that Bruce McCulloch is probably too old to play lonely/single/20something women anymore; by contrast, the Pythons are now better suited to playing Pepperpots (not that they could get better).

3) Episodes of The Twilight Zone that I taped back in the mid-80s when one of the local stations used to run TZ marathons on Thanksgiving. I have about 70 episodes on tape and most of the better ones. One of the latter group is one we watched the other night, The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street. This classic episode came up in my substitute teaching that I did a while ago: one day I spent an afternoon reading thru a play form of the story with 6th graders. I was quite pleased to see it part of middle school English textbooks.

On some recent hotel stays I got to watch a lot of cable and found I was bored with it pretty quickly. Although I finally got to watch an entire episode of The Colbert Report.


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