Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Trailers: Madea's Family Reunion

As many of you may not know, Tyler Perry is a comedic actor who does a lot of work in drag as a character of his named Madea, a large black woman. I certainly respect the fact that he has a career and a successful character that he's put to use in two major films (the other being Diary of a Mad Black Woman). But this trailer is really pretty lame: it's only jokes are that Madea is getting looks from men and then, for the big closing laugh, she pushes two white women! Man, that's hilarious!

[I guess it's kinda sad that a black comedian can get a cheap laugh by pushing white people. I know it'll bring up a backlash; only a matter of time before we see "Respect and Protect the White Woman" t-shirts... as long as black men wear them, I'm ok with it.]

Now, the full trailer for this movie is much more interesting. If this was a cast full of white people, it'd be all over the media (pun intended). And it's probably a lot better than some of the whitebread crap that looks to be in a similar vein (The Family Stone came immediately to mind, tho I haven't seen it; big comedy/drama with family issues, seems close but I could be wrong).


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