Tuesday, February 14, 2006

He's terrific!

Got this quiz from mh. Both both myself and Ms. Goat later took this quiz with me being defined as a Transformer and she as a Muppet. We later realized that these were both related to movies that included Orson Welles in the cast, the Goat's favorite director (and often a fine actor). I actually watched the Transformers movie a couple of weeks ago (much worse than I remembered it) and I think I agree with the theory that Unicron isn't voiced by Welles but by Leonard Nimoy doing an Welles impersonation. Still, it's amusing that this is one of Welles' last screen credits.

And while it can be said that Welles did exploit his image a good deal in his later years, at least he wasn't a prostitute, like some directors (allegedly).


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