Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Troubling stuff from blogs

1) From Talking Points Memo via Crooks & Liars, the free flow of information on the internet may soon come to an end. I'd have to say that lots of things about the ol' web-net have a sense of 'too good to be true', so it doesn't come as a huge surprise.

2) In a more commercial matter, cell phone records are available for a price. This isn't as worrysome to me, as if privacy groups make a fuss over it the wireless providers can be forced to stop doing it. In fact, there's already an act going thru congress about it.

3) The most troubling thing I've seen lately is this article about how CD-Rs aren't very stable storage media. I know a few people who've put their entire music collection into mp3 form, hopefully they can back things up once in a while. There is a follow-up article that presents some other experiences that run counter to the 'expert' one, as well as a discussion forum that does more... A nice reminder of the power of impermanence.


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