Thursday, December 22, 2005

'Tis the season...

The final bell has rung and the little monsters have gone. Today was a bit too exciting for my taste as the kids who didn't ditch this last day before Winter Break were quite restless. There was a rollin' and tumblin' fight in the morning that got folks pretty excited but may serve to clear some troublemakers out of this school. During lunch a kid insisted on staying in the computer lab, ostensibily to work on his resume but really he wanted to keep talking on his cell phone. He'd spent the entire period before lunch doing it, mostly saying "You crazy!" and "Why you got to be sayin' that?" By the afternoon it looked like one class, that was going to watch Animal Farm all day, had instead decided they wanted to listen to music, which they proceded to do with the door open. Nobody here was awaiting that final bell more than faculty.


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