Monday, December 12, 2005

Richard Pryor, RIP

In thinking about the recent passing of Richard Pryor, some of my earliest memories of his comedy was that he was in really funny movies (not to mention the great concert films). More precisely, he was in really funny movies that my parents wouldn't let me see in compete form. So while I remember seeing lots of Stir Crazy, I don't remember much about the movie except it was one of those movies that I had to leave the room for briefly. I'm pretty sure that I saw Some Kind of Hero similarly. Thankfully, he moved on to more family-friendly fare, like Brewster's Millions (with John Candy!) and The Toy. If you've never seen Silver Streak, check it out; it's a textbook example of stealing a movie, which Pryor does in the latter half. I'll try and listen to my LP of Bicentennial Nigger tonight.



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