Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Gas prices

Going thru receipts from a recent trip to Costa Rica and came across one from our one purchase of gasoline. We had a rental car briefly (a somewhat rattley but overall decent Daihatsu Terios) and the full tank, combined with Costa Rica's smallness, kept us from having to buy much gas. I was surprised to find that the 4 Liters (almost one gallon) cost us $4.77 (2600 colones), not that much more than what we're paying in the High Desert as $4.39 is the cheapest around us.



Anonymous YLlama said...

Why is that surprising? Gasoline is a pretty global commodity. And Costa Rica's government's price meddling (e.g gas taxes, relevant subsidies) are roughly equivalent to the U.S.'s.

6:42 PM  
Blogger Felix Pardalis said...

when we visited Europe, gas was considerably more than in the US. I guess CR is closer to Venezuela....

5:30 PM  

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